Saturday, October 3, 2009

EAT please

It's 2pm, and Jude has had 5 ounces so far today. The bottle had rice, and pediasure in it, but it is still only five ounces. I hate wondering what a good amount of food is, and what a dangerous amount of nutrition is each day.

It's our one hold's frustrating................... I am honestly just so distraught with the situation. We know Jude is gaining weight, so whatever he is doing has to be okay...right? I would think that 5 ounces would be equivalent to a normal breakfast. I am just at a loss. Emily had eating issues due to acid reflux, but it was never to the degree of Jude's eating issues. The new world we have entered of a stroke victim always creates an opportunity for education. I admire Caleigh's mom, and Kendall's mom, and others that seem to be a plethora of information. I seem to be always searching for answers.

Em has a game today, and then we have our smile box party. I am praying Jude eats prior to the game.


jocalyn said...

girl, we are all searching for answers!!! Do you have a nutritionist through ECI?! I just called our dietician at Cooks last week to ask what the bare minimum is to keep Kendall hydrated. We know the minimum amount of calories, and recommended fluid intake...both of which Kendall doesn't come close to!

Yesterday at 4:30, Kendall had only had 5 oz and food totaling 200 calories...and it wasnt for a lack of trying...then she drank 8 oz before bed! Today's been a little better, but we're toggling at 16 oz at 6:30. They want her to have 28 to prevent kidney stones! REALLY!?!?

But I also know my son doesn't come close to his recommended amount of calories and fluid intake each day...nor do I for that matter. So, I think as long as he's gaining weight and doesn't lose too much when he's sick, and isn't lethargic or dry, he's OK.

I don't know.

It sucks.

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh I hope he ate for you today and the game went great!

jamie said...

i really feel for you...i have so many gray hairs over milo's nutrition and feeding. have you been to a gi doctor? i agree that if he isn't lethargic, and is having plenty of wet diapers, and is gaining weight, then it would seem that he is getting enough for him...but it still may be helpful to talk to a gi doctor, i know it was for us.

A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

Wow, what a story of determination for you all! Your story is inspirational.

Following you from MBC Follow Me Club.

Great blog!