Wednesday, October 7, 2009

another day another dollar

The neurologist decided to increase Jude's dosage of Depakote to 2 pills at night. We should see if this decreases the seizures within five days, although I didn't notice any seizures this morning. When I got home last night Jude just wanted to be held so I accommodated him as much as I could. Finally, I was jjust exhausted from the day, but Jude did not want to go to sleep. Luckily Mike helped me out, and took Jude upstairs while he watched some tv, and I slept. This morning Mike asked me if I heard Jude giggling in his bed, but honestly I didn't hear. He was afraid Jude was going to wake me up, but I must have been really tired.

I woke up this morning, and decided to get myself in shape like I used to be. I eat pretty healthy, but I am going to be more strict. I am also going to try ....... try to slow down a bit, and maybe that will bring my blood pressure down. I really think my doctors indication that this is just the past years toll on my body is true. Going to work, dealing with home, etc can become very flustering, and due to Jude's hospital stay in December I was very limited on vacation time for 09. I am looking forward to 2010 when I have all my vacation time again. I am going to start walking/running like I used to as well, of course that was easier prior to the cosmetic surgeons huge mistake.....can you hear me growling?

Anyway, I TIVO Oprah, and I watched it last night whenever I got home, and the show was about a 7 yr old Schizophrenic girl. I sat there watching the show just amazed at what her parents deal with everyday. As an infant their daughter began to display abnormal behavior, but at five years old it hit full force. She is violent, she sees up to 200 imaginary friends that to her are not imaginary. They have had to get two separate apartments because the young girl would hurt, or kill her little brother. She has spent 107 days out of the past year in a psychiatric institute, and the list of issues goes on. I told Mike that her story was very touching, and that we could probably understand more than some people who watch the show do. It's a new appreciation we have of the brain, and how it works. In her case this is truly a mental disease, and probably something that went mechanically wrong in her brain in utero. In other words the right cells just didn't go the right places. There is truly no way to "cure" her issues, and just something her parents have to deal with for the rest of her life. I felt for them. It's amazing how a tv show can reach your emotions. Speaking of I watched Extreme Home Makeover on Sunday, and as usual I was very touched with the story. I loved the part where Ashley Tisdale sang in the little girls garage, and I told Mike if that had been Taylor Swift in our garage Emily would PASS OUT! ha!

I am about to call on Jude's kid kart again, and I am hoping to freedom pieces are in so we can get this delivered. Also, the smile box delivery has proven to be more difficult this time because we have so many boxes. My friend Kelly has volunteered to take the 75 boxes to Cooks this weekend. Emily has a double header that day, so that will free us up in the morning to make the large deliveries to Dallas. She has a truck with a covered bed so she should be able to help without any issues.

I am off to work, have a good day.


Anonymous said...

I'm all for slowing down, exercise AND vacations. I stopped by to tell you that Bethany added a comment with more good stuff for you on my blog.

Katy said...

That must have been a great episode of extreme home makeover because people kept saying on Facebook that it was making them cry.

Gosh, I think the first year of Charlie's life took about five years off of mine. I, too, need to get a little more focused on taking care of myself--easier said than done sometimes, though.