Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Saturday full of giggles

Today we had a baby shower for one of Mike's best friends, Katie. Katie lives in Colorado, and flew in to have her shower, and see family. She looked beautiful in her colorful yellow strapless dress, and seemed to glow like expectant mothers do. I admired how thin she was, and commented how I never had problems gaining weight when pregnant. The most ironic part of the day is that Katie's mother is a NICU nurse. Her mother came over to us, and talked in length about Jude's prognosis, and current situation. She said she worried about Katie's pregnancy, but know the statistics, and understands she and the baby will probably be fine. I assured her I knew they would. Mike, and I have a long running bad humor joke that all our friends and family are covered because Jude took on the responsibility of being the statistic amongst them. I wouldn't have it any other way though, and neither would Jude. I am sure the joke is in bad taste, but there has to be humor in life regarding difficult situations.

Our little baby was as precious as ever today, and was very calm at the shower. We are so lucky that he is such an easy baby to care for. In our situation we are blessed that he does not need more medical intervention, and we understand this. He just seemed to wake up in a great mood today, and smiled, and talked to me most of the morning. Mike said it seems like Jude is a different baby when I am at home on the weekend, and like he knows I am here. That made me smile because sometimes I feel like a lacking mother since I work full time. It's the never ending struggle of wanting to be with your child, needing to work, and a lack of winning the lottery (smiles).

I just sat Jude down for a bit so I could type out this update. He has had a few spasms today, but overall seems to be doing alright. I know his teeth are hurting and I am sure that's causing the additional spasms. Jude was playing with me again while I held him on the couch prior to putting him down. He would lift his hand over and over to my mouth so I would kiss it. Our high pitched kissing noises bring huge smiles, and laughs from Jude, and these moments make our day.

I just made some homemade banana nut bread, and I made some brownies. We are going to my cousins to watch our men yell at the TV while watching the UFC 100 fight. Please have a safe weekend, and hug your children.


mom2nji said...

I totally understand using humor to deal, I do it all the time. I also made banana muffins today!

Midwest Mommy said...

Banana bread? Brownies? Can I come over :-)