Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a nutritionist, and a softball game

While I was at work the famed nutritionist finally visited our household. Honestly, she came out as soon as she could, and according to Mike she was fabulous. She said that, "Jude is so much better off than many babies I see, even many adults I see". REALLY? Did these words actually escape a professionals mouth? No "prepare for the worst", no "wait and see", no "I just don't want you to get your hopes up", no "I am sorry it is not good news" ?!?!. Mike said she watched Jude hitting the red button turning his fan on over, and over, and that she seemed impressed.

She measured Jude, weighed Jude, and looked him over in general. She explained that you can tell just by looking that our baby is underweight, but just "slightly". We were told that we are doing the right thing by putting rice in every bottle, and that we are now suppose to add a slice of butter to each jar of baby food. This will add extra calories to Jude's food, and she had a few other tips for us too. On top of her advice she left us 4 cases of Good Start Carnation, which is different from what we currently use, but she likes the product. Also, this helps us so much financially, so we are very grateful to her. The nutritionist then when on to tell us that she suggests adding Pediasure to Jude's diet, but not until 1 year.

One, Jude is about to be one year. This is both shocking to me, and then on the other hand the last year seems an entire lifetime. Today I created his birthday invitations, and informed friends that the official celebration of Jude's first year of life will be September 5th. After planning this I then took Em to try out for the select softball team she wants to join........only to find out the first tournament they are planning is the beginning of September......ugh. We will manage though.

Yes, Em tried out for a select team, and I liked the coach, and the players. There were 15 girls trying out for positions on this team, but there are only 8 spots. I could tell that Emily played her little heart out, but I could also tell that she was a bit nervous. The coach said that he is looking for "coach able" girls with great attitudes, and the fundamentals down. Emily really wants this, so we can only hope he saw Emily's amazing attitude shining through. I really liked the moms I met, although it's always awkward for me when I meet new people. I am sure I come off like a huge goof, but I guess I am, and so hopefully they are accepting of my true character. I took the opportunity to pass some of Emily's Smile box cards out. I figured if she didn't make the team, they might still remember that her cause needs some support.

Jude is still awake, and I am exhausted. I am about to rock him to sleep, and I will join him in slumber land. Good night all.


Midwest Mommy said...

I am not sure about your doctors but most pediatricians have free samples of formula. I asked every time I went if they had any samples in and they always gave me two or more cans. I figured it was always worth a shot. I also learned my OBGYN will give samples whenever I want because as he put it, he doesn't use them, lol.
So glad you got good news!

Cass said...

So glad to hear about the good news with the nutritionist! And wow, I can't believe he's almost a year old.

Good luck with the softball tryouts, I'll keep my fingers crossed for Em.