Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A night awake

Yesterday after I wrote my blog I continued to work my booty off at my office, and when given time I researched a bit on stem cells. I put a call into Jude's amazing neurologist, and he returned my call around 5:30 when we were shutting down. He sat and talked with me for awhile regarding his thoughts on the stem cells. He seemed interested in the conversation, and replied the best he could. He said that he is not well versed with stem cells, but he does believe that if children like Jude will have a shot at reconstructing their brains, it will be through stem cell therapy. He explained that he felt like the medical community was truly held back by Bush's lack of support in the stem cell area. I told him that I asked a doctor about banking Jude's cord blood, and I was told that it would help with illness, but there was nothing that could reconstruct the brain. I think he thought that was rather comical since stem cells work as building blocks. Although, he did point out that there is no guarantee that the positive changes they are seeing are due to the stem cells, and they must get more science behind the research first. I then asked him why they cannot use donated, or sibling cord blood, and he explained that the immune system must be compromised for donated blood. So they will not use anyone elses cord blood unless it's a life threatening situation, which makes sense.

After that call I felt a little down because I understood why they cannot use donated blood. In addition Mike and Emily had been hit from behind, but were luckily ok. So it was a crazy day, and I was anxious to get home. Once I was resting on the couch with Jude I kept looking at his little smile, and I would smile back. I thought about how I love him just the way he is so if I cannot get stem cells for him then... I just cannot, and it will alright. Although, if there is a chance that I might have the remote possibility of improving his quality of life, I would. So I played with Jude for awhile, cooked Em some dinner, and just hung out with my family. It was needed after my whirlwind of a day. I am afraid I woke up about 2:50am due to Emily's meowing cat, and could not go back to sleep. I am not sure if it was the stress of the day, or having to much on my mind for other reasons.

Once I got into work today it was strange, there sitting in my inbox was a request on twitter from a stem cell institute. Not only was it an institute they focus on placenta stem cells harvested from full term baby placenta that is donated. I almost didn't click on the link thinking that I would find the same old information, and feel worthless again. Something drove me to click on it though and I read through the plethora of information. I have always known that the placenta is full of amazing items thus why other countries have different traditions with it. Although you know what stuck out the most, "The placenta stem cells do not posses antigenic properties making the rejection of the stem cells IMPOSSIBLE". Oh my word! I read the diseases and afflictions the cells have been known to help, and cerebral palsy, and stroke were both in there. Who knows if this would help Jude, but I filled out the evaluation form. I have no idea how we would come up with the funds if they chose us, but I trust God will provide. I am sure it's very expensive. Oh, and the funniest comment today was from myself asking my co-worker/best friend Sarah if I could have her placenta after she gave birth in December.

On a happy note, and rather ironic activity Emily opened a fortune cookie last night and it said "A smile will be your passport to the heart of others". How true:

Here is a picture Em took of Mike, and Jude on the couch.
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Midwest Mommy said...

That picture is so cute! I can't imagine how frustrated you must be. Hopefully something can be done to help.

Toddler Craft Onna said...

Stopped by from mbc. What an incredible journey you are on! I love your blog!

Jennifer said...

I just love that picture!