Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We made it to Arkansas, and I am so impressed with the cabin we are in!!! The lake is beautiful, and the cottage is awesome. Jude did very well on the trip here, but then got very cranky once we arrived. I spent about 45 minutes calming him down, and he is now asleep. Emily, and Mike have gone to explore the area, and take a few pictures. Of course, Mike has his little car with him and is jumping several mounds of dirt along the exploration path.

The air smells clean, and I can feel that relaxation is right around the corner. I haven't quite reached that stress free point, but I know I will. Jude still hasn't had a seizure, but he was so cranky earlier I had to blow in his face again because he was holding his breath.

I am thankful to be on a vacation with my family though. I am also very thankful that Jude is seizure free. His eating is still not where it should be, but I also know each baby is different. Emily would eat a TON, but now eats like a bird.

My aunt Docia and her husband should be here soon, followed my my cousin and family tomorrow, and then my aunt Caron and Shawn Friday. It will be a wonderful weekend with a great family!

It's nice to have some normal good times, AND this is what we want for Jude. We want him to experience all the things children love, and we want the same for Emily too.


~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

I am so jealous! I wanted to go with you! Peace and quiet sound so good right now!

andrea said...

have a really great time. happy easter!

Bird said...

Charlie ate a lot more when he was having seizures. I think that feeding soothed him, so he'd eat just to make himself feel better. Maybe Jude is the same??

I love Arkansas and am very jealous. Maybe i should sneak out of here and go on a little spring break myself.

AshleyS said...

I didn't realize you were connected to Arkansas! It's so cool to see that you have been cruising around my neck of the woods! (I'm just sorry you had to sit through one of our stormy nights!)