Thursday, April 16, 2009

Disturbing dream

I had a very disturbing dream last night, the type that you rarely fall back to sleep from. I was up at about 1:40 am, and just milled around the house for a bit. My dream involved the entire family, and we were on vacation again. I had gone and put Jude down for a nap in another room, and came back to talk with my family at the dining table. Soon I heard Jude crying from the other room which is unusual, and I rushed in there and couldn't find him. I searched everywhere, and finally found him wrapped in white sheets in the sink. I remember that in my dream I began unwrapping each layer of white sheet, and right before I pulled it back to see his face I woke up. I am not sure what caused this dream, but it was horrible.
I think my mind was playing off my fears, and I have been affected by others losing people so precious to them lately. I remember feeling so sad, and at such a loss in my dream. I guess it is weighing on my mind today.

Any time anyone asks me what my biggest fear is I respond, "Losing one of my children, and scorpions". I know the scorpion comment probably made you laugh, but those little suckers scare me!!! Just looking at them sends shivers down my spine,
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When I was younger the heat wave of 1980 hit Texas, and it was unreal. We had just moved into a new neighborhood, and there was construction all around us. Since scorpions live underground the construction crews were disturbing their homes, and they did not like it at all. So to find new shelter the little villians ventured into our homes. My mom was alive at that time, and she would make me wear slippers around the house. Due to the fact scorpions like dark damp places my mother would turn the faucet on to clear them out prior to my baths. I was never stung, but I saw so many scorpions I lost count, and my parents were both stung. These little nasty creatures stuck in my mind, and I do not like them at all. I tried to tell my husband that I hated them, but he saw first hand how much when we encountered one at the lake house. It took him two days to recover from laughing at me. In addition to the scorpions there were tarantulas EVERYWHERE during the heat wave!!! They loved the sand, and the little boy next door would run and jump in the sand piles creating a volcano of tarantulas. He always brought his baseball bat with him, and basically played whack a spider with them.

Spiders never truly scared me that much. I don't like them, and prefer my husband kill them, but I am not overly scared of them. You would think I would be though because I was bitten by a black widow about four years ago. Here is my thumb....see the fang marks?
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I was in my shed cleaning boxes out, and accidentally lost my shoe in the Christmas tree box {I had lost my balance, and my foot went into the box}. I reached in to grab my shoe, and felt something sharp poke my thumb. I figured it was a limb from the tree, and didn't give it another thought until two days later. I was so sick, and every lymph node on my body was swollen. I could not figure out what had happened. I came into work, and told Sarah "Do you think it has anything to do with these two ant bites?". She replied, "You silly girl those are fang marks!" The doctor confirmed I had been bitten, and there really wasn't anything to do but watch it. About 6 weeks later I finally felt better. I swear, I am not normally a ditzy blonde, but I had no clue I had fang marks in my thumb!

So have I given you the creeps yet today? I grew up in Texas where it's hot and dry, and in a time where kids played outside all day long. I learned to look for snakes, spiders, and more and to deal with them when I encountered them. I guess that made me a little stronger, and a bit of a tom boy, but if I see a scorpion I am still a little girl!


Nancy said...

Wow, that sounded like a really scary dream. As a Mom, I've been affected by the loss of several other mommy bloggers and it's been weighing on my mind. HUGS to you.

P.S. I live in Texas now and grew up in Scorpions.. I don't like them either!

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

Well, I know that was scary. I too had a nightmare last night.... I had a dream that Dax Shephard was in love with me. So much for watching Employee of the Month!!!

PPS: You can always show your fang scar and tell them it was Edward turning you into a vampire, but you changed your mind.... silly...who would change their mind...nix that... haha!