Saturday, April 11, 2009

A diamond hunting we go

So yesterday my Aunt Caron drove in, and we met them in Hot Springs for a great day looking around. We took in the history, dripped our toes in very hot springs, and just enjoyed the day. We also went and saw the strangest little animal farm with more alligators than a normal person should EVER see! I will have to put pictures of the gators up when I get home, and comment a bit more on that scene. I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted there, but it was cold and we were ready to head home. Everyone then came back to the cabin, and we had a wonderful time of playing games, and sitting in the hot tub.

Jude did very well, and spent the better part of the day yesterday laughing and smiling. Everyone here has commented on how encouraging it is that he is so interactive with us.

Today we are going diamond hunting in the diamond at the crater of diamonds in Arkansas. Wish us luck!!! Emily says she is going to find a HUGE diamond so I can retire...wish makes me feel great. Emily got a little something from the toy store yesterday. She can write a story, illustrate it, and then we can send it off and they will publish it in a hardbound book for her. She worked very hard on it last night, and made a story about Jude. It's very touching and once we get it back I will post some pictures. Emily read it to everyone last night, and my aunt started crying. She is a great child.


Bird said...

Amazing how well they do when you finally get those seizures under control, eh?

Glad the tornado skipped your area. I HATE those things. I lived in tornado alley for three years and that as plenty for me.

Pam said...

It is great to hear that you and your family get on with life and give Jude all the fun that goes along with it! Your courage and determination to live right by your boy overwhelms me. You keep hope alive! God Bless!