Friday, April 3, 2009

Jude is home! Jude is home!

So I teared up when Jude got home last night, and we got him settled. I carried him around the house for probably an hour just kissing on him. I was also so happy to have Mike home. Last night I would wake up, and mIKE would put his arm around me reassuring me he was there. I loved it!

Jude slept through the night because they gave him the larger does of Depakote before he left the hospital. They changed the dosage increasing it again so it will now be 50/50/100. According to Mike, Jude will not sleep during the 50 MG dosages, and continues to eat which is encouraging. I am hoping we only continue to progress with this. We have no idea what lays ahead of us in our journey, but I have faith in Jude. Last night Mike said he believes Jude will inspire people in the little everyday tasks that he will eventually accomplish. We know Jude will never be normal, but we know he is loved by many! He has already inspired many parents to love their children and appreciate them for thing they probably took for granted before, including a simple smile. So this morning before I left I looked at my sweet baby laying in his crib, and all I could do was smile!

So like I said, I love having my hubby home. One thing that makes Mike so unique is he is a huge trivia buff. It's honestly ridiculous how much knowledge that man can store in his brain. Trust me that you do not want to play any form of trivial pursuit with this guy. I refuse to watch "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader" with him anymore, because he obviously is! He knows every president, every cabinet member, etc. So last night I was rather proud of myself for stumping him with a question. Emily is studying Greek Mythology and was looking up information regarding Medusa. So Mike had to ask a trivia question, "Who killed Medusa". I popped off "Perseus, he beheaded her and then gave her head to Athena". Then it was my turn, "Who was Medusa's son....... she had two....but which one is the one we all know". Mike sat there stumped... and I proudly announced "Pegasus!". He refused to believe me so I did a dance when we looked it up and I was right!

So it's race weekend folks! That means major delays for me, and interesting sights because I live right next to here
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Many of my friends enjoy Nascar, so do not believe the rumors that it's all a Jeff Foxworthy show. That is indeed just rumors. Although, I do have to say there are always some interesting sights to behold!!! Yesterday the traffic delays started on the highway, and I guess a gentlemen in his truck couldn't wait to go to the bathroom. So he decided to jump out and urinate on the pillar under the bridge. I sat there behind his truck shielding my eyes in terror! I figured his urgency had something to do with all the beer in the back of his truck. He had cases upon cases in there, but it wasn't iced down yet. It was rather comical because I sent a text out about my experience, and my cousin texted back that beer runs right through you, and she didn't even know about the contents in the back of his truck. The traffic is increased and it took me longer to get to work, but there is nothing that compares with the traffic on Sunday when the race lets out. They turn the highway by my house into a one way, and it's insane. Therefore, twice a year I stay camped out in my house for the weekend. I think we need the rest anyway.


Bird said...

I've driven by that place several times! No NASCAR fans at this house, though. I've seen that traffic that bad boy can cause--not pretty.

So glad Jude is home!

jocalyn said...

Definitely a good weekend to stay home and enjoy your family! I hate Nascar, but have plenty of friends and in-laws who live for this weekend!
So glad Jude is home and you found the right medicine!
Enjoy your weekend!

andrea said...

What a heck of a week. you deserve a weekend of rest. enjoy it, and i am so happy jude is home and doing better.

Denise from China said...

I am so glad to hear about such wonderful news: Jude is home!!! Always thinking about you all, Love Denise

Cjengo said...

Thank you everyone!

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

I am so glad Jude and Mike are home! Way to go Jen on the trivia. We were looking at the housing edition right now the road from TMS. Saratoga? We love NASCAR. We root for anyone EXCEPT Kyle Bush. He is a weenie.