Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Friday!

So yesterday my darling husband called me at work and he was a complete stressball. He was yelling again about how difficult it is to take care of a baby. I explained to him that I know first hand how trying it can be to take care of a baby all day. I chalked it up to a man not being able to handle the situation, because we all know how they can be. If you need an example, just take a moment to remember a time your husband was sick. Although, when I got home I realized just how difficult Jude was being. I personally didn't have a problem not eating, or getting housework done, but Jude was trying to say the least. He would scream at the top of his lungs if you were not holding him, and he would get so upset that he would hold his breath. I am unsure if it was gas, him teething, or the medication again. I am praying it is not the medication. I am sure many people that read my blog have experienced a baby with colic like symptoms so you know it's stressful. Although he would flash you one of these every now, and then and everything would be okay.
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So I apologize to my husband for not understanding that he was having a difficult day.

So Mike called earlier, and said one of the Terrorists escaped again. Lady escaped even with her new collar, and the fencing. Fencing, electric fencing, cages, and I think even steel would not deter these dogs, nothing can hold these Houdini's in. I wrestle posting anything on my blog about these dogs because it makes me sound like a dog hater, which is not true. I grew up with a Yorkie named Muffin that I adored, and when he passed I had a Cocker named Gabriel. My dogs went everywhere with me, and I loved them so much. My poor little Yorkie was with me since I was three, and was subjected to doll clothes, bike rides, and swinging. The movie "My Dog Skip" brings me to tears every time, because it reminds me of my relationship with Muffin. Oh, and yes he was named after the puppet on Mr Peppermint. Who is old enough to remember that show? I was glued to the TV every Saturday morning watching Mr Peppermint, and Muffin.
Spot saying "What did I do?",
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In regards to last night Mike had a very difficult time with the dogs. They are petrified of the rain even though they have a 200 square foot covered patio, and an amazing large dog house with a 100 pound roof. Mike built them a dog house that is for police dogs, and it even has comp shingles like our house. It resembles this:
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Minus the flower box, although Mike did want to add one at the time he built it. You could literally hear the dogs singing "Movin on up" when he completed their home.

So last night when I got home I heard a horrible squealing coming from outside my window. Mike bolted out the door with great fury only to find a mud lathered dog shocking herself digging under the fence. He wrestled her back in, and then worked feverishly on her collar to get it working again. As he walked in and out of the back door his other dog Spot would use his football moves, and knock Mike out of the way to get inside. Emily, and Mike would then sprint around the two corners of the kitchen to trap the dirty dog, and lead him back outside. This became a game with Spot every time Mike had to go out the back door. Mike would repeat pulling Lady out, trapping Spot, and yelling at them all. My favorite dog Jack gave up early in the game, and went to the dog house like a good boy. You could literally hear his thoughts in a bubble over his head, "Stupid dogs I am taking my butt to bed before I get in serious trouble". So this debacle went on for about an hour, and Mike was very frustrated. He went through this entire event only to his surprise to learn Lady dug out in the night, and was missing again. My thoughts are that if the dogs don't like their posh dog house, walks, premium dog food, and dog toys then they can find somewhere else to live. I know that's mean, but once Spot trampled Jude again I was officially done with the SPOT THE TERRORIST! I love Jack Russell's, but three together should officially be named Jac Queda!

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jocalyn said...

Love the new look and the signature!
I say kick those dogs to the curb. (but it is easier said than done...our 2 dogs run our house too and they stay inside...) I've threatened many times to give them the boot.
My husband got a taste of the stay at home dad stuff yesterday when he had to take Kendall to the Dr. and handle everything in the morning. He was counting the minutes for some relief. Life's tough...
Hope Jude's feeling better today. This weather doesn't help I'm sure.
Have a great weekend!

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

That is fantastic. I don't know how Mike did it without throwing them over the fence lol. How did you do the signature??? Looks good! Love the purple!

PS: Thanks for the email with the picture of Jude... Love the new one too!!

Midwest Mommy said...

Ok, I didn't know you called your dogs Terrorists, lol! I read that sentence and freaked out thinking I missed some kind of national security thing.

Cjengo said...

We met our $500 goal! You guys ROCK!!! Thank you