Monday, January 9, 2017

The Book And The Child

I got a notification from Amazon today that there are only 12 copies of Jude's book left in stock. It is officially released 2/1/2017 but several people have told me there delivery date is 1/11/2017 and I noticed the ability to review the book is now open on Amazon. So it seems they have already received all their copies and they are on their way. In addition it looks like they will be ordering more copies to be available in the future. It's surreal to see his story is going to be available to so many people. I have been at a few places with pre-release copies of the book. The interest is mixed with people when I meet them in person. They will stop and read the premise of the book and either become highly interested or back away frightened/sad. One lady told me, "that's just to sad there is no way I could reach that story." I replied "I know I lived it. It IS sad and I totally understand." I respected her opinion. 

Meeting that lady made me think of how many people tell special needs parents, "I just couldn't do what you're doing." Sure you could! Tragic circumstances happen all the time. As humans we are fragile and in mere seconds out lives can change. Mothers and fathers are joining my loss forum all the time who merely put their child/teen to bed and that child never woke up. Random chaos happens all the time and it makes up this battle we call life. The majority of us all love our children and will do whatever it takes to make sure they have an amazing life. I have said before we aren't super hero's we are merely parents who love our children who are doing the best we can. That applies even now that Jude is gone. I am doing the best I can. I am grieving "okay" today and although I still deal with anxiety I am here and I am functioning. 

We have to go pick up the Christmas decorations from the cemetery and I would like to replace them with a Superman wreath. My friend Gina and I were talking about making one. We will start on that soon and pay Jude a visit. 

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