Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Headstone and Houston

I won't lie......Friday was hard. We felt alone, we were sad, and it was rough. However we made it through. Mike and I went together to see Jude's headstone which was placed for his birthday we then took Emily after school. We all shed many tears but we were also touched at the precision and mastery put into his memorial. For those not on my Facebook here is Jude's marker that will last far beyond our time here. 

On Saturday Emily and I flew out to Houston to watch the Miss Texas competition and it was nice to get away for a bit. My amazing friend Gina went with us and I was very grateful for her company. We have all planned a road trip to watch Emily compete in November for teen. I believe I mentioned on here that the day after Jude died Emily was set to give up her Miss Dallas teen title. She announced on stage that she would be competing at Miss Teen again, which was a shock to me. She explained to us all that Jude never gave up and he wouldn't want her to give up either. How can you do anything other than support that? 

Thank you for continuing to support our family. 

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