Monday, September 12, 2016

How some words hurt grieving parents.

I would like to share a blog post that has been shared multiple times in my loss forum. It is comprised of parents who lost children and the words they found unhelpful when they were grieving. Although I don't agree with all of them I did agree with enough that I was compelled to share the information. I am doing so because this might help someone else in the future. It could help them to know that their feelings are not hateful and are just normal. Grieving parents know people mean well so we have a tendency to feel guilty for questioning comfort that is lended to us. 

 I am at a point that I just smile and take in people's words knowing they mean well and I am grateful for all that's given. Very few people actually ever truly offended me and if they did so I nicely explained the situation to them. So rest assured this is solely for the benefit of grieving parents and those surrounding them. 

Probably #1 would be do not compare your pets death to a child. Just don't. I hear that ALL the time happening in my loss forum and the poor parents are mortified. Goodness knows I love Leibe with all my heart, but well just don't. 

Anyway, here is the read.

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