Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Update

It's been an odd few days filled with negativity but saved by joy. On Friday Mike and Nurse Allen took Jude to the hospital to have his feeding tube checked. As I stated before the tube started to become difficult to flush the day after he returned from having it replaced. I wasn't sure if they would find another issue with his intestine or what the outcome would be. I was surprised and angered when I heard the doctor found nothing. I blew up at Mike asking him why he didn't demand that the hospital fix the potential issue. This in turn created a huge dramatic fight between us. See's not all roses and sunshine. We have fights and arguments due to the mounted stress upon our shoulders just like any other couple. It wasn't fair of me to demand answers from Mike when he and the doctors were only doing what they thought was best. This drama led me to need a bit of a break from the medical world that surrounds us. I just needed a time out but I didn't really get that.

I think one of the issues was that I had a realization of the problems at hand on Friday. Mike explained that the nurse at the hospital explained to him that once you have an intussusception you have a high chance of getting one again. So I looked at Jude and realized I have invested so much time and concern into his lungs and that it may not be his lungs that are the most vulnerable. I guess it threw me for a bit of a loop but I was okay with the situation and needed a bit of quiet time to process my thoughts. A reminder from life that you shouldn't worry about that which you cannot control.

Saturday we had a nurse throughout the day so we went to my fathers house for an Easter celebration. My thoughts bounced between having a relaxed fun time to worrying about Jude. However it was so nice to be surrounded by family and to see Emily light up. She flew a kite and had the best time. My heart was happy.

When I got home Jude was perfectly fine and happy to see me.


So it was overall a good weekend. Today I had to run back over to pick up some items I left at my dads house and we had a discussion about the miracle of Jude. How he has blessed and touched so many people. We discussed my current effort to turn my blog into a book and how he may in fact even reach more people. His light, happiness, and fight is so inspirational. Plus he teaches so many valuable lessons. In fact more than once this weekend I have said. "I have enough going on in my own life to ever judge or make assumptions about someone else's life." A lesson Jude taught me and I am thankful to him.

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