Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Jude's cough and a major decision

Jude is still having some issues regarding oxygen and now a barky seal cough. Yesterday hospice came out and they were wondering if maybe his scoliosis has worsened and is causing respiratory issues. Everyone is watching him carefully and Charlotte is just amazing. I know as soon as she gets there each morning she is going to get him to the best point he can be. She really works hard on his lungs and works to get Jude feeling better. I feel so comfortable leaving him with her because I know the amazing care he gets. 

So my husband and I are contemplating a difficult decision, one that could add more stress that we may not need so some prayers for the appropriate decision would be great. We love our home.......Jude loves our home.........we have fought for years to keep our home. Through one of the worst financial crisis's a family can have we kept a roof over our family's head.  However.......the market in our area had exploded. If you know anything about TX real estate you know that houses just don't stay on the market right now. For example I have a client I am writing homeowners insurance for this week and when he called for the quote he told me his story. He said they kept finding houses they loved but they would be outbid on each one..........yep you heard me OUTBID. People are offering thousands of dollars above the asking price on some locations in our area. Regardless of a bidding war houses are just not staying on the market long and many go before even being listed on MLS. Our area has seen a great growth spurt with large homes being built around us that have greatly increased the value of our home. If we sell we stand to make a very large profit. For the first time since Jude's tragedy we would be in a good financial position. One that could potentially pay off our cars, pay off our debt, and even put us in a better home. After discussing this as a family even Emily said, "Mom you would be crazy not to do this". However trying to sell a house with Jude in his condition and potentially making not one but two moves sounds exhausting and stressful. Plus I don't want anything to be stressful for Jude or potentially aggravate his situation. I also worried about this being Jude's home but Mike pointed out that Jude's home is where we are as a family. He also pointed out this could give us the option to get a one story house built with wide hallways throughout the house for Jude. The good thing is if we do decide to take this route that if we don't get our asking price or we get to stressed we just don't go. Nothing is ever set in stone. So it's a hard decision but one we are contemplating. We will take our time and investigate all options prior to making any final decision. The market is steady in our area and I am being told it shouldn't change any time soon. God Bless Texas! 

So I would like to ask everyone to stop by my friend Beaux's go fund me page. Every year he provides school supplies and backpacks to underprivileged children. Only $6 can buy the complete kit and you would make a child's day. So let's all give up our Starbucks today and help a child out.

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