Friday, June 19, 2015

Emily is growing up and a quick update on Jude

Jude is doing as expected. He is a happy little boy who has severe respiratory issues that require frequent suctioning and supplemental oxygen interventions. The recent storms that have ravaged Texas have affected Jude's well being. I am assuming this is because of pressure changes within the atmosphere. I made note of a seizure last night that lasted a few minutes. Luckily Jude has cluster seizures so he can catch a breath and offset the loss of oxygen.

We have made the decision to sell our house if the timing permits. We think that being more financially secure will help our entire family in the future including Jude. We are taking everything a day at a time and not rushing anything. We want Jude to feel safe and secure along with his nurses so again we are in no hurry. We will find the perfect place for our family and one that will help our entire family shine. If we had our wish we would have more land. 

Emily left for Cabo Mexico today for a vacation and I felt the apron strings being pulled. I cannot imagine Emily going away to college but I will be so proud when she does. I made sure that Emily's plane landed and that she was safe and then I began recounting her childhood.

Looking back I was actually pretty young when I had Emily at only 25. I remember hugging her close and watching every milestone she accomplished. I am so lucky that I was blessed with such an amazing girl!!! I remember she never wanted to leave my side when she was little and was very protective of "my mommy" if anyone got to close. Now she comes and goes easily and I am watching her find out really who she is and embracing just being herself. Sometimes I stop to realize that Emily will be leaving soon and Jude may end up leaving too. I sometimes begin to feel a bit sad and wonder what it will be like not to be a mom full time but then I realize I will always be a mom. I love having children around and sharing my life with them. I am very proud of both of my kids and I couldn't ask for a better family. 

So I have asked for some safe traveling prayers for Emily this summer and prayers I don't go crazy worrying, haha. Have a good weekend everyone. 

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