Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Jude's not feeling well and a stressful day

I was hoping to post something positive today but that's not going to happen. Yesterday was stressful. Jude's poor sweet nurse is very sick and is unable to be with him right now. It would be great if everyone could say a little prayer for her to get better soon. I hate to think of her not feeling well. So in addition to scheduling and hunting the night nurse we had to start working on a day nurse too. Luckily Allen filled in yesterday until they could locate someone new. We trained her last night and she was there bright and early this morning. However this is how Jude was all night and then this morning.

All night we suctioned Jude while he coughed terribly. His oxygen would drop but we could get it back up by turning the oxygen level up or repositioning him. Today his cough is still terrible and he is running a low grade fever. However, he IS smiling so that's a good sign. This consistent cough came on rather rapidly so I am a bit worried about aspiration. Jude's heart rate is also hovering around 165.........resting..........like asleep resting. After Motrin it was around 150 and the nurse said he was more comfortable. I felt bad leaving a new nurse with Jude in this condition, but she is staying in close contact with me.  

To top my stressful day off yesterday our neighbor across the street decided to put a note on our nurses car. Our driveway and our house was rather full yesterday due to everyone being at home helping Jude and bringing in additional people. So our nurse parked on the street in front of her house. She didn't like that so she let him know not to park there anymore. I was beyond frustrated and it really happened at the wrong time. So I took a minute to think about the situation. I could see how having various cars on the street could be frustrating. However, I could also note that no one was blocking a driveway, a mailbox, trash cans, or anything else. They also were parked correctly according to law and not causing a safety concern. So I went to talk with her. She seemed receptive. Sometimes I wish people would just take a moment and step back in life. To sit down and realize what's truly important and that the small things are really just that.......small and trivial. Just learn to breathe deep and take in what's truly important. If you dish out positive vs negative it makes everyones life so much better.  After this incident a different neighbor encouraged us to park in her driveway so we wouldn't encouter anymore stress than we are already dealing with. Very sweet of her and very kind!  

Hospice is going to see Jude today and they will let me know what they think. However, it's one of those things that as a mom I know where this is going. Jude probably needs a chest x ray. However, if we go in they will admit him and I would rather try to treat this at home if at all possible.

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