Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I am more calm today

I am better today and so is Jude. Hospice saved the day yesterday and calmed my nerves when they had their own transportation show up to get Jude to the hospital to get his feeding tube changed. My husband followed behind them in his vehicle and Jude's nurse rode beside him. Once there they pulled out Jude's old tube and my husband said you wouldn't believe how clogged it was. Transportation then took Jude back home and left him snug in his bed. 

I think the trip was a little much for Jude and his nurse ended up having to medicate him yesterday. This put him to sleep from 3:30 - 8:30. When he woke up he was very smiley but was having issues with his respiratory system again. When the night nurse got there she took over and I went to sleep because I was very tired from the night before. About 4am I heard Jude's alarms going of, him coughing, and a lot of suctioning. I cannot seem to keep myself in my bed when I hear those sounds so I went out to see what was going on. Jude was having another coughing attack and she was trying her best to get him under control. His heart rate was over 170 because he was so stressed out.  I asked her to give him an Abuterol treatment and this really helped him. Soon he began to relax and finally he started closing his eyes. She again said she wasn't sure how we took care of him alone at night all these years and still worked. She is very sweet and very loving with Jude. 

So Jude's antibiotic completed yesterday. Now is a critical time for Jude and one where we really have to watch him. Hospice is going by to see him today and mentioned they will be keeping a close eye on his situation. So add him in your prayers tonight. 

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