Monday, November 10, 2014

Jude, the review, and hurt feelings.

Jude is proceeding along about the same way as he has been. He has good moments, bad moments, and some sleepless nights. I cherish every minute that I get little smiles from him and all his precious snuggles.

So I had an interesting Saturday night. We took Emily out to a lesson and when we got back I went to change clothes. I was looking at fixing a sign I made for Emily and went back into the kitchen. On my way around the corner my foot hit some water that has been splashed out of the dog bowl. It was a moment where you think "OH CRAP!". There I went down, crash......SPLAT! I landed on my arm and rammed my shoulder into the wall. My foot went into the other wall. I laid there for a bit in pain and taking in what just had happened. I laughed a bit and then I noticed I had really hurt my shoulder. This was the same shoulder I had injured in a car wreck and had surgery on. I then moped around the house the rest of the night and into Sunday. I am still hurting but luckily it's getting better. Just call me Grace!!!

So today I was trying to promote the insurance agency I work for and I found a review of our agency from 2011. They said the customer service at our agency was terrible and I was a tyrant that huffs and puffs when I am forced to answer the phone. At first this really hurt my feelings because I take pride in my job. I know I always pick up the phone unless I am working on something else.  I may huff and puff when busy but never to customers, and I have so many long term clients that always compliment our agency. It's like everything I knew was right just came to a complete halt and it really hurt my feelings. Then I realized it really hadn't come to a halt. I know I do a good job. I may get frustrated just like any other normal human but I do my job well and I provide the best service I can. I took a deep breath and realized someone posting anonymously really doesn't matter. I also realized that 2010-2011 (when the comment was posted) wasn't the best year. Jude had just gotten his G button, Mike was still not working, and life was really really hard. So could I have been abrupt and probably should have been more patient with someone or even an employee? Yes. I probably should have. I probably still can sometimes. I am tired, over stressed, but I am a DAMN hard worker. So the next time I get frustrated with someone in a professional position I will take a step back and realize they may just have a lot going on and to look at their overall service. Next time I get frustrated on the phone I will take a deep breath and wrangle in my patience. Then provide the best service I know I can. So a few good lessons. I decided to shake this off and realize I do a really good job. I am well educated and provide the best service I can. I have to admit that I sometimes admire how my husband is so able to just blow things like this off.

We are at a bit of a standstill with Jude. Life has just taken a new shape and we will do all we can to keep him well.

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