Monday, November 17, 2014

An update on Jude and Mike is sweet

Jude had a hard Friday night. He was literally up and down the entire night moaning, crying, and needing repositioning. We had no idea what was going on with him. Saturday night was better, but then last night he did the same thing. However it was more frequent when he was trying to go to sleep. I thought he was rebelling against going down for the night. I gave him his medications, repositioned him, and did everything I could. We even let Jude "cry it out" for a bit which broke my heart. Nothing..................NOTHING worked! Finally I walked in his room and tried to remove congestion but there wasn't any to remove so for peace I put on his oxygen meter. He was at 82......yikes. So I put 2 liters of oxygen on Jude and he settled in his pillow, got very quiet, and went to sleep. His oxygen went up to 87. So I had finally found the culprit.

Per the nurse Jude is clearing a lot of congestion today but his oxygen limits are within a normal range. Mike mentioned at lunch that he thinks Jude may be getting sick. I am not sure but Jude does have a habit of doing this prior to us going out of town. I think it may just be more of his new normal and it's a matter of having people around him that can narrow symptoms down to reach a solution.

Mike is starting to work at his friend Kevin's again for side money. This is the same place he put so many hours in before and wound up surprising me with earrings. This time he was suppose to be working towards items he needs and again came to me and said he had wanted to surprise me with a weekend trip to NYC. He wanted to take Emily and I while Emily would still really appreciate things like FAO Schwartz. It all sounded fabulous but I told him I just didn't feel comfortable being that far away from Jude and the above explanation of last night is exactly why. I know Mike and I need some time together and I am hoping we can get a night away locally very soon. Regardless he is very sweet to want to take us somewhere.

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