Friday, July 26, 2013

Jude's legs.

When I got home last night Jude was pretty calm and happy to see me. My sister came by and brought my nephew and Jude always smiles at her baby.  Jude wasn't very fussy yesterday or stiff in his legs.

Mike told me after speaking with the therapist and Charlotte that he gathered Jude has probably been in a lot of pain from his legs the past two months. This would provide an answer as to why he is wanting me to hold him all the time. He probably just feels more comforted that someone is holding him and patting him. So while I was putting him to sleep last night I thought about the surgery he will have to endure. I know many CP children have this but my child hasn't. I hate the idea of him being wheeled off to an OR. I also hate the idea of him waking up in pain. The thought of them breaking his bones or slicing his tendons makes me cry. Mike said he will probably feel much better after the surgery, but it still make me sad to think of him in pain.

Hopefully the Botox injection will provide some relief. Last night Jude was whining in his sleep so I went in his room, stretched out his legs, and massaged them. It took about 5 minutes and he fell back to sleep. I guess they are probably right about the current pain.

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