Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A kitten that thinks she is a puppy, Jude, and Emily.

Emily is finally home from vacation safe and sound. I was very happy to see her! She had such a wonderful time and is so blessed to have an amazing second family that takes her with them on vacations. She even brought Jude a bear. She is becoming more of a little grown up. She thought of her father and sent him a text asking him to take her to dinner because she missed him and she thought of getting Jude this bear on her own. I am proud of her for putting others first.

When I got home last night Paislee the little kitten came galloping to the door to meet me along with Mike's dog Spot. It was really a funny sight. I have a kitten that thinks she is a puppy. She is very curious! The other night I was in the bathtub and she just couldn't fathom why I was in water so she got so curious she fell in :/. She is still very kind to Jude and naps next to him everyday.

Jude is doing alright. He still has pain in his legs but it's manageable. We go back to see the Ortho in October and we will know more on the surgery. This weekend I am running Regal Princess. It's exciting, but I am missing someone at the same time. I look forward to a great weekend and crowning our queen of hearts and Emily's Smile Box scholarship winner.

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