Friday, May 24, 2013

The reason behind my "Turtle" post and my stance on Gay rights

Jude is finally doing much better. He is full of big grins that include his full dimple when he is smiling. He is still congested, but that seems to be a normal issue now and we have learned to work with it. We administer CPT (compression therapy), massage his chest to get congestion up, and position him in the best manner possible in case he chokes. His therapists are back to a regular schedule and his teacher is now coming back to the house.

Emily is also doing well. She has made 25 Emily's Smile Boxes to go to a toy drive for Oklahoma children affected by the tornado outbreak. We also purchased toiletries and so much more to send to the hard hit Carney OK that isn't getting much attention. Em also asked if we could go help some of the victims this weekend and I told her that we would try. If we don't make it to Oklahoma we are striving to make it to Cleburne TX.

So today in Grapevine (my work town) they voted to allow openly gay young men to join the Boy Scouts Of America. Honestly, I am not sure why this was ever a debate up for a vote. We all have our own personal preferences whether it be men or women or Hispanics or Caucasians. My mother raised me to see no difference in anyone as long as they had a good heart and for that I see myself as blessed. When I look out to a crowd.......until you prove me wrong you are my equal and everyone else's equal.

When I was in middle school I went through a really hard time. I had very short hair, braces, glasses, and I was skinner than LeeAnn Rhimes post divorce. I was given the label "Turtle". Literally everyone in the entire school knew me as Turtle. I got so used to the name I answered to anyone (including teachers) that called me by my Moniker. I finally broke free from my situation and changed my appearance and was never known as Turtle again. However, I always kept that true identity inside and learned to proudly own it. However, on Facebook tonight I witnessed people calling my gay friends queers, powder puffs, faggots and more. No one likes to be called names!!!

You can disagree without allowing vicious and cruel words. You can disagree with gay marriage. You can agree to civil unions and not gay marriage. You can disagree with people being gay in general, but calling people faggots, queers, and other horrible names is just not acceptable to me. You can agree to disagree without name calling or violence. I believe you can choose to express your opinion through positive channels or choose not to express it around me at all. Doesn't mean your opinion is wrong...doesn't mean I am right, but it does mean we all deserve respect. If you cannot debate your opinion without being cruel then you need to look inside your soul.

For those who have used such cruel words and cannot have an open mind here is something to think about. My sons weekend nurse is gay. He takes care of Jude in every aspect an invalid must be cared for. There are some people that would look over the fact that Allen loves Jude as a patient and a person and just choose to be horrified we allow a gay man to care for him. They would look over the fact that he is a good Christian man who gave up 20 years of his life to serve those less fortunate in Africa. They would look over the care he gives my son..........and just call him a faggot. That's not okay with me. So several people found themselves deleted off my Facebook and I am sure several more will delete me today. To them I say..........I will gladly sit next to any person of any race, religion, or preference as long as they have a good heart. In the end when the Lord asks me why I will tell him because you told me "Thou shalt not judge and to love one another and so that's what I did".


Jo-Anne said...

AMEN!!! Beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

Excellently stated!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog from another blog and stayed to read this post. I'm so glad I did. If only more people in the world were like you! What a wonderful post. I don't usually leave comments but I feel moved to say something.

Lori said...

Good for you! I'm proud of you for standing up for what is right. The care our children get is really the only thing that matters & none of the other stuff ever mattered to me.