Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jude's update

We are at Cook's Childrens. We bought Jude ito the ER yesterday hoping they could give him an iv round of antibiotics with fluids and send us home, but that wasn't the case. They ended up admitting him. Thepneumonia in his lower left lung had gotten worse.  WE thought this might be the case because Jude kept vomitting and therefore couldn't get the medication into his system. Also, when he vomits he aspirates and thats what starts the pneumonia in the first place.

They took Jude off all his feeds to let his tummy rest. They gave him his antibiotics and fluids all by IV. They are doing breathing treatments every four hours and CPT. However they won't release Jude until they get his blood culture back, which will at least be Monday.

He seems to be in pretty good spirits and we did get some sleep last night. I know Jude is anxious to get home, but we want to make sure he is well. I think this is our fifth round of pneumonia or maybe 6th? Any parent with a child like Jude can tell you his is one of our biggest concerns.
I do want to thank a few people in a public manner. We brought all of Jude's items with us but due to lack or sleep and rushing from work I forgot everything. My long time fiend Kelly braved Friday night traffic to bring me two pairs of sweats and t-shirts. She even snuck in goldfish and oreo's as snacks. She also texted and called today several times checking on Jude's condiion and me. Then my friend Gina showed up at the hospital bright and early with breakfast, movies, and cheer. She literally stayed the whole day and only took a break for lunch. She even sat her the whole time with Mike while I went home to shower. Not to mention my co-worker, Fleck, Linda, etc who were all texting and checking on us. Thank you means a lot. I understand that Jude gets sick a lot and I appreciate my friends realizing there is nothing routine about being confined to a hospital room.

Emily is with her dad and friends. Her best friends parents leapt into action by letting Emily come home on the bus with their daughter and staying the night. Mike is going to bring Emily up tomorrow to see Jude.

I am currently on the hospitals great "get well network" so my blog is going to run together and have misspells because this keyboard is the WORST! However, it's so nice they offer these items now. It's amazing how comforting this hospital is for Jude.


Katie VM forum said...

Hi Jen, sorry to hear you guys ended up at hospital. Hopefully after 24 hours of antibiotics Jude will feel lots better. Hope your stay it short.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for a speedy recovery for sweet Jude!

Britt Conrick said...

I've been thinking about Jude all week. Hope he gets to feeling better soon! Take time to care for yourself. Miss him and can't wait until he's home.

Kim C. said...

amiablepdpGet well soon Jude. So glad you have such a great support system, it makes things so much easier. It's times like these when we know who our true friends are.