Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jude's little room

When I learned I was pregnant with Jude we were so excited. I did the normal things any expectant mom does like planning what the room would look like and the colors we would use. I knew I wanted to go neutral because our plan was to have two children. Then Jude threw us for a loop. I had decorated Jude's room in adorable farm animals. I decorated large letters that spelled his name that hung on the wall. I had adorable bedding, a hand painted rocking chair, and so much more. Then we kept getting more bad news.........and I shut the door. I couldn't look in his room anymore. Material things don't mean much when you aren't sure your baby will make it.

When Jude was born he spent most his time in our room like most newborns do. However, he stayed in our room because of his seizures and diagnosis that were given at three months of age. I never ventured into Jude's room much except to look around. I would grab some clothes occasionally, but eventually the clothes even made their way downstairs. However, I will never forget taking Jude into his room and laying him down in the crib for awhile. He loved it.

This is one of my most precious video's I keep on youtube.

Now Jude has his own room downstairs that was made from a converted dining room. We still have a baby monitor that picks up if he is vomiting or seizing. We have a little armoire that holds his clothes and a shelf system that holds his supplies. The walls are red since we know Jude can see that color and the ceiling is blue. Emily spent an afternoon perfectly placing glow in the dark stars on the ceiling so it would look like Jude was outdoors at night time. He has shelves made out of tree branches, a bear rug, adorable matching bedding, and "Welcome to Camp Juders" written on his wall. I know Jude doesn't understand what his room is about, but it's still his room. One of the first things the EMT'S always report to the hospital upon arrival from an ambulance is "he is well cared for with a very nice room". That is both nice and sad to me. Nice they take the time to realize Jude is so loved, but sad that so many special needs kids are unloved and not treated well.

I wanted people to see more than all Jude's equipment when they walked into his room. More than a hospital bed, an IV pump, and oxygen meters. I wanted him to be a kid and my kids have special rooms. It's not that important to some and in the grand scheme it's really not important at all, but I still wanted it for him and I am proud he has it.


Katie said...

Beautiful video Jennifer. He has so much hair!!!!

Kim C. said...

So adorable, then and now! I understand all about letting go of the old dreams and adjusting to new ones, it's hard. Jude's room is so awesome! You all have done a great job, and that is one happy, beautiful child! Look at all of the people he is helping and the lives he has touched. I always tell my daughter she is an angel straight out of Heaven, and so is your precious Jude :)