Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blood work and a like or two

Jude had blood work done yesterday. It will take about two weeks to get the tests back to see what his seizure medication levels are and if we need to adjust them. He is having a lot more absence seizures so there has to be something going on. He has also been very "spastic" which means he jerks and turns his head back a lot. Other than that he has been a very happy boy lately. We did decide to keep him from going back to school and have inquired about home bound schooling. He will still get therapy 3 times on Mondays and 3 times on Fridays so he is getting plenty of interaction.

So I have a favor to ask. Emily has decided to compete for Miss Dallas Teen 2013. This will be a stepping stone to try to go back and compete in November at Miss Texas Teen again. However, just the honor of being Miss Dallas Teen would be amazing for her. She has set up a website and if she receives the most likes by 3/10 she will receive a free entry. This would truly help her financially. If you could like the page and share it with your friends that would be wonderful.


She also has an Emily's Smile Box party this weekend in Southlake. If you are interested in attending and helping us make boxes please email me for more information. As usual we appreciate everyone's support and donations to her cause.

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Brenda r said...

Jenn, CaringBridge.org is having a Share Your Heart contest and I think Emily needs to enter for her Smile boxes. I think yu gphave a pretty amazing young lady for what she is acco plishing and doing for others. I also think your little man is awfully special, too. You are avery lucky lady, but I don't have to tell you that. The prize for the most votes at Caring Bridge is 2 Mini iPads. I know this would really help Emily with her school, pageants and Smily boxes. I just wanted to mention this to you in case you are interested. I will go vote for her on Facebook also.
Brenda Rhodes
Benton, Arkansas