Thursday, January 3, 2013

An update on Jude on his new bout with flu and more

Sunday night Jude started getting really cranky with me and wanted to be held constantly. This is generally an indication he is not feeling that great. However, on Monday he was once again smiling so I just chalked it up to a bad night. Then he decided to get cranky again. So yesterday morning he woke up and I went in to give him his good morning kiss. I said "Good morning Ju Ju" and he smiled real big, but when my lips touched his forehead I said "WOW!". I asked Mike to get me the thermometer and Jude's temp was 102.7. I pulled the covers back to let him cool down as much as possible and his fever went down to 100.7 (all these were taken auxiliary so add a degree). A fever isn't necessarily a bad thing. A fever is the body's way of fighting infection.........however in Jude it can signify pneumonia.

So I went into work and then left around noon to take Jude into the ER. We spent 7 hours at the ER getting tests and waiting. They tested for Flu, pneumonia, etc. I told them he had the flu last month so I doubted that was the issue......but sure enough he has it again. The CDC said the time lapse between the last case made it impossible to be a remaining virus... so somehow he picked it up again...sigh. So in a non-chalant way the ER doctor said Jude's chest X ray showed mucus plugs but no apparant pneumonia. Ok back up rewind...........what's a mucus plug? I mean other than when you are pregnant. So he explained that in people with chronic respiratory issues they can develop mucus plugs. Here is some information. I asked him if this can be a sign of the breakdown of Jude's lungs due to the continous issues he has had. He said it would make sense because there are decreased breath sounds in Jude's lower lungs which is an indication the top is working better than the bottom. What does all this mean? Who knows......... another we wait and see issue obviously.

So last night I was rather upset after hearing all this and felt pretty despondent, but then I reminded myself of something. As great as the ER doctor was he was not a specialist. So I told myself I would not panic until I talked with the Pulmonologist (I figured this out after I texted my closest friends in despair..sorry guys). I placed a call to him first thing this morning. Once they called back I...... well was both irritated and relieved. I was irritated that they did not review the actual X ray like I asked them to and only reviewed the report. His nurse said that the Pulomonologist has deemed Jude as "acutely ill". The relief part came when the nurse said the specialist believes all of Jude's illnesses lately are the direct result of the mucus plugs and not a sign of a chronic issue. However, they can't be sure. They basically said to continue the CPT (compression therapy), continue his breathing treatments, have him rest, and give extra fluids. However, if he continues to grow weaker, or more irritable, or runs a fever again to bring back to the hospital. So basically everything I already knew. Anyway, he is already more irritable today. Charlotte called earlier and had given him a dose of diazepam (Valium) so he would sleep. He is whining, rigid, and miserable....but he does have the flu.

It's always a toss up of wondering with Jude. I am very thankful for his nurses at home because I would probably be a walking panic without them. So we will continue to watch Jude closely. It's always a guessing game with him, but I am very thankful for all the equipment we have for him. I honestly don't know what these continued illnesses mean for Jude. I don't know if it's a fluke or an indication that his body is just that immune compromised. We all wash our hands so well, Jude had the flu shot, we keep him indoors with no it's up in the air. I can share with you something personal. I don't want any backlash on this or email about how everything will be fine. My worse fear is putting Jude down to sleep and losing him during the night. It keeps me awake a lot lately and I am always placing my hand on his little chest while he sleeps. I fluctuate between thinking everything is fine and just our normal to knowing Jude is not well lately. He still smiles for the most part and still vibrates with the positive innocent energy he always shines with. So we will continue to monitor him and continue to help get him well.


Anonymous said...

hi. i came across your blog via love that max, your sweet son sounds so much like mine... i am just wondering, does he have one of those vests that shake him to make the secretions (plugs) loosen up some? and does he have a cough assist machine? these 2 things might help if he doesnt already have them.... stay strong mama... anne in ny

Kim C said...

I am praying for you and your precious Jude. As someone who has been there, and is still there, I do understand how you feel. Hang in there, lotsa love your way :)

Brenda Rhodes said...

I can only imagine how you must feel. You and your family are in my thioughts and prayers. Also, praying for spring- to be rid of the flu bug (hopefully). I hope Jude feels better quickly so you all can rest easier. Hugs and prayers from Arkansas.