Saturday, January 5, 2013

A little update on Jude

I will go back when I am by a large computer vs my phone and explain to
Everyone in bloggerville what happened with Jude yesterday but until then I am posting a small update. After our huge scare the hospital felt comfortable enough releasing Jude to go home. What you have to remember is we basically have a small hospital here with nursing at least ten hours a day. Plus we are medically trained so if they can avoid keeping Jude in a building crawling with germs they will. His pulse ox was still in the low 90's but his respiratory waves were consistent which is good. We hooked his pulse ox/heart rate monitor up last night so we could all sleep. It went off about 5 times but we were able to quickly remedy the situation. Our nurse (god luv her) got here about 7 and I went back to bed until 10.

She said it took her about an hour of working with Jude when he woke up to get all his vitals looking good. He just has a lot of junk that builds up while he sleeps. He is still very pale and we are watching him close. The doctor prescribed him steroids and we are hopeful they will work. I will
Update the full story Monday. We are thankful to everyone that has texted or emailed.

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Christine Witt said...

Thinking of you - hope he sees some improvement soon. I'm sure it's all very exhausting. xo