Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Jude was smiling at me more last night which is good, but his fever crept back up about 8pm. I am waiting to hear if there is an update from the doctor. Currently Mike's mom and my family is sitting with Jude until I can get away from work. We are very slow today so I am hoping I can break away pretty early. I feel bad that I have missed so much work in the last two weeks, but I guess life happens.

Emily did not sleep well at all last night and today she feels rather warm. So please amp up the prayers that she stays healthy. She has literally worked for almost a year training for Miss Texas Teen USA. We are suppose to leave early Friday morning so we can get to the hotel in time for orientation. She is still practicing hard, but is a bit nervous. I told her she has to get her nerves under control and she knows how to do this because of her plays.

I will update when I hear more about Jude. I miss my little buddy and I am ready for him to be home.

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