Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Still a sick little guy

Jude is still not well. Now we are back into one of those decision we take him back to the doctor or wait it out? He is very congested which could signify this is indeed just a viral infection. However, he is coughing so much he cannot sleep well. He sounds like he is breathing through a honeycomb with pop rocks mixed in. You can tell it hurts him to cough now, but his vitals are good. His toenails are a little blue, but the rest of him looks pretty good. So it's a toss up! Is it viral or has it become something else? Charlotte said his temp did start elevating again last night. Now my understanding is if it is viral and the temp goes back to normal then a day later starts to elevate again it could be in indication it's now turned into more. WHO KNOWS! It's always a toss up and a wondering game.

We put him to bed early last night so he could get rest. So we administered his sedative, but his breathing so so rhaspy that Mike always gave him the Abuterol and Palmacort (sp). So therefore they countered the sedative. Jude coughed and coughed and then clear as day started yelling "moooooooooooom". Jude rarely makes audible words. So I just had to pull him out of his bed and take him to bed with me and this is what I heard (all you can see is his IV pole it was dark)

Poor guy is just miserable.

I am not sure we will go on our trip in a few weeks or at least not fly. I don't feel comfortable going so far with Jude not doing well lately.

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Kim C. said...

So sorry little Jude isn't feeling well. Hopefully he will feel better soon. Prayers for you and your family. And as far as the 911 situation, that is rediculous! I hope a solution is reached soon. When you have a sick child who needs emergrncy intervention, that is the last thing you should have to deal with.