Thursday, November 17, 2011

Good news and Kim Kardashian

So the other night we had someone come meet with us from Rachel's Challenge in regards to Emily's charity. They have great ideas in mind and I will share them with you once everything is in place.  I don't want to speak out of turn before everything is finalized.  I do have to report that while the visitor was in our house Jude was on Mike's tummy and said "Mamba!" clearly. We all looked at each other and said "He just said a word!". We were all very impressed! I have been trying to get Jude to say it again, but he just smiles at me.

So I have been very irritated lately with all the news surrounding Kim Kardashian. It's to the point that my husband has picked up on my total disdain in regards to this woman. We have a nightly tradition of watching TMZ together and laughing at the funny songs they apply to people. Well now he says "Let's go watch TMZ so I can see Kim K!" If I could roll my eyes further into my head they might get stuck. Why am I so annoyed with her? Several reasons. 1. Jealousy! The girl does nothing except get surgery, trainers, and chefs to make her look good and she earns millions. I am still struggling just to get a wheelchair accessible mini van. 2. She thinks we are all IDIOTS and I don't care for anyone that thinks I am stupid. Does she really expect us to believe that her marriage was legit?

If it was legit it makes me even angrier at her! You spend millions upon millions that would help so many people for this over the top ridiculous wedding and the marriage lasts SEVENTY TWO days? Are you freaking KIDDING ME? The death or severe illness of a child is generally the cause of divorce in marriages and my marriage has survived. Granted there has been a lot of yelling matches, but we work through it. With all her millions she couldn't afford some counseling to attempt to make her marriage work? What are you teaching the young teens of America? I believe it teaches them they a quick marriage and quick divorce is alright and that money is more important than love.  My thoughts? Stick a sock in it and shut it Kim K. I am tired of hearing from your mouth! Let's find a better role model for our youth!

I have to admit I do like her sister Khloe with her harsh brutal mouth that reminds the rest of her family they still live on EARTH! I remember hearing Khloe once tell her mom Kris that she had used the word label in regards to the sisters five times in a few minutes and that her mom needed to remember the sisters are human. Let's hear more from Khloe and less from Kim.

 I wonder what that family would do if they were bankrupt?


rocketmommy said...

Hooray for Jude saying his first word! That's awesome! =)

I totally agree with you on the whole Kim K. deal 100%. Couldn't have said it better myself. I think my poor husband feels the pain of me complaining about her all the time too lol.

TMZ always cracks us up too. Good times. ;o)

Jennifer said...

She says she tried really hard to make her marriage work. Really? She wasn't even married long enough to make a real effort.