Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A quick update

Well the closing has not gone off without a hitch. We were able to move into the house but our buyers buyer had a problem with getting their appraisal back on time. So we are in the house waiting for final confirmation of a close date which we believe will be tomorrow. We also got to the house and our fridge didn't fit and now Emily froze up her ac unit upstairs. So my stress level has not gone down. I also witnessed a horrific accident this morning which pretty much left me teetering on the edge. I had a particularly hard night last night thinking of Jude so I am sure that's why my anxiety is so peaked today. This started because I finally sat down and realized that even though we are in a new place my feelings aren't any better because I still miss him greatly. I know that with each passing day things will begin to get better. 

The good news is that Mike is doing better and said he is moving forward. He thinks that each day he lives happily is another day closer to seeing Jude again. He said he wants to make sure he does everything right in this world because he doesn't want to come back and repeat everything again due to mistakes. He believes there are lots of people he has met that will be suffering through this life again. I think that's an interesting concept. What if hell is actually having to come back and re-do everything versus spending eternity with your loved ones in Heaven? Makes you think doesn't it? Although life is beautiful it's not heaven. 

The positive is that I am nearing completion of the unpacking. As soon as we close I can start working on items and projects around the house. I know this will keep my mind busy and that's what I need right now. 

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