Friday, August 26, 2016

The Dragonfly

You get to hear from me twice today. I have mentioned before that I am skeptical regarding the stories you hear about your love ones visiting in the form of cardinals or butterflies. However I do want to share an odd coincidence with you. At Jude's burial I noticed a dragonfly around his flowers and floating around his casket. I didn't think much of it but I rarely see dragonfly's. Since we have moved there is a blue dragonfly that is always around my back window every evening. When I walk outside it's always flying around me and I just simply smile. Again I really didn't think much of it. 

Today when I walked out of Target I noticed a dragonfly following me and that's when I thought, this has got to be a sign. So I went back to my office and Googled information and this is the first picture that pulled up. 


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Kim Enckhausen said...

Jennifer, there is a dragonfly story. I'll send it to you. It happened to me at my dad's grave and the dragonfly follows me around. I have even had him land on my hand and wouldn't leave. I have my back tattooed with the dragonflies of my dad. It's real, so smile.