Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Updates on the situation

Jude is doing better today but Mike's father is not. I have not posted in detail about this but Mike's father had complications from surgery. Just when we thought he was improving there have been a few set backs. I feel for Mike and his family and I can see the stress in my husbands eyes. On top of having a very ill son he now has to face the challenges of helping care for a sick parent. I have been in this situation and making major life changing decisions for someone elderly is taxing. There are financials, living situations, emotional changes, and more that is impacted. So I am standing back watching and praying for everyone involved. I am hoping for improvement but realistically understanding the situation that is developing. Mike's sister has been amazing during this whole situation and that woman deserves about 15 million bubble baths and lots of wine! The good things is Mike's parents have lots of people that love them. 

Jude smiled at me this morning before I left for work which was great to see. He had ran a low grade fever throughout the night but I asked the nurse not to give him anything unless he was uncomfortable. I wanted to fever to do it's job on top of the antibiotic that he had been prescribed. I am hoping that I see even more improvement when I get home today. Emily finally went back to school today and she is on the mend as well! 

As always we appreciate everyone keeping up with our family and all the prayers! 

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