Saturday, October 17, 2015

No nurse equals The sleepies

So on Fridays and Saturdays Jude's night nurse arrives at 9. Last night when she had not shown by ten we knew something was wrong. We couldn't reach her via phone and neither could the nursing agency. To date she still hasn't been heard from. I'm praying she is okay but if she is I am confused. I think we are a good family with a clean house and a beautiful little boy. I would think it would be good to work in our home so to have someone no show confuses me.  The nursing agency has not found a replacement. As much as I love Jude I feel pretty defeated this weekend. I am still working on getting well and just wanted to get good rest but that's not happening. Luckily Allen was here during the day so we did get to catch up from not sleeping last night this morning. 

Jude is doing pretty well but his tummy is still sounding the alarm and his cough is pretty bad. He is currently sleeping which I hope doesn't mean he won't sleep tonight.  I am sitting by his bedside and it will be mommy and Jude time tonight. Emily is in Vermont with her boyfriends family visiting him at college. I am praying she has a safe flight home tomorrow and I know she is having a blast. 

Well have a great weekend everyone. 

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