Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A sick little Jude again

Same song different verse :(. 

So Jude is really sick. About 3am his oxygen levels just wouldn't stay up even at 10 liters so I eventually asked the nurse to just spot check his oxygen levels. His color was decent and he was not in respiratory distress so we just let him sleep. He did have a horrible cough and my understanding is the cough has been pretty consistent throughout the today too. Hospice is on their way to see him again and they are taking him an antibiotic. Emily was diagnosed last night with bacterial bronchitis so I have no doubt that's what Jude has. We just want to make sure his hasn't turned to pneumonia or hope it hasn't already. I have a sneaking suspicion this was brought home from the hospital last week. Although hospitals can provide great care they tend to be laced with germs and infections. 

So please keep Jude in your thoughts. I will update more when we know more. 

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