Friday, October 16, 2015

Jude's pump

Sorry I have not posted but it seems the children are trying to off their mom. I came down with the sickness they were passing around and it was not an easy one to tackle. Luckily we all seem to be feeling better. However Jude is still running a low grade temp when I get home and he has been rather cranky this week. He has been having tone issues and he just wants to be held. 

Last night while holding him I heard a low pitched alarm go off that sounded like an ambulance. I wasn't sure what it was but since I knew it was to faint to be a real ambulance I started wondering if maybe it was coming from the Balclofen pump is Jude's tummy. Luckily the pump is not full of Baclofen so I knew it wasn't a critical emergency like it could have been. So we turned everything off in the house that could possibly make noise and soon we heard the alarm sounding from Jude's abdomen. So I have a call into neurology to see what their suggestion is but my guess is that Jude will be taking another trip downtown. 

When calling the doctor's office this morning I started getting angry again about the pump. I know it's not their fault and they were just trying to make Jude's life easier, but that is not what happened. Since that pump placement our lives have been in a lot of turmoil and the pain that Jude suffered makes me upset. I took a deep breath before connecting to the nurse and reminded myself the issues from the surgery were just a fluke.  I then calmly explained the alarm was sounding and then answered her questions. She said she wanted to consult with the doctor before advising us which way to turn. 

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