Sunday, September 29, 2013


As mentioned mike is staying with Jude tonight. He texted me a few times that Jude had thrown up. I asked him how Jude's fever was and he said Jude didn't have one. I reminded him that in the ER Jude didn't register a temp but when taken internally it was 102. I reminded him that fevers make Jude vomit. So after another puke fest, mike texted that Jude's temp was 100.5 and they were giving Motrin.

I feel so defeated! I want my family home!  I understand my life is so much better than some but at this point I decided to just have a nice crying meltdown. I decided I need to reach out to my family and say.. we need help. To tell my boss... It's been 13 years and I need some time without the stress of worrying about racing to work.

Hopefully this fever isn't a big issue, I mean its not over 101?  But I know it is. Blah!!!

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Rita said...

I'm sorry life is so hard right now. Praying someone will hear your cry for help and give you a break. At work and at home. Jude needs you. But it won't be good if you get so wiped out you can't function at all. Rest, please get sleep. Hugs.