Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jude's illness update

Jude looks better today. He is still running a low grade fever. His pulse ox went from 96 this morning up to 100 and his breath sounds are good. We will watch the temperature to make sure it eventually goes away. I am hoping this means Jude is properly overcoming this new battle with pneumonia. He is still vomiting phloem but that's normal for someone so congested.

I held Jude last night until he went to sleep. He would keep looking at me and cracking this adorable smile. I love when he feels safe and happy.

I have had the worst feeling lately and I hate it. I am very positive that Jude is happy and becoming healthy, but I can't shake this feeling. I am not sure what it is so I am going to hope it's just crazy woman hormones!

I am keeping the update brief, but I wanted everyone to know that Jude is looking better!

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