Friday, September 27, 2013

A hospital update

My aunt came to sit with Jude today while Mike and I went into work for awhile. She has been texting me updates and pictures since I left. She knows I worry, but I also know he is currently stable. Jude does look better to me today. He is still very sick and Jude's condition can always change, BUT he looks better! I am taking that as a sign that he may be over the danger hump. If that's the case the hospital will continue to keep him comfortable while the antibiotics do their work. He is still looking at a lengthy stay.

The only thing that is currently concerning me is Jude had an awful diaper last night. They are not feeding him and only keeping him hydrated so I figured this would be the last one. However, today he had a HUGE diaper and then another plus excessive gas. I am growing a bit concerned regarding C-DIFF since he has had it before. I have asked repeatedly since we got there for a probiotic. My aunt just texted that they are paging the doctor for the probiotic. C diff would NOT be good in Jude's condition.

We are still waiting on the sonogram results and we will watch his intestinal issue.

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