Friday, September 27, 2013

A late night update on Jude.

The sonogram of the chest did reveal the Pleural Effusion, but it showed that it was confined to one area. The doctor described this as Jude's body being defensive and building up a wall against the infection. This is positive. It doesn't by any means mean that Jude is out of the woods, but it's positive. I was encouraged by the fact that Jude had better color today and he was VERY responsive to my voice. He would turn to find me and then he would smirk when I talked to him. However, I always describe Jude as my little yo yo. Jude's color seems to have diminished again some tonight. We also tried to start his feed back, but he threw up again. This could have been related to his respiratory treatment so the nurse gave him Zofran and we are about to try his feed again.  His pulse ox also just dropped to 88, but after some work and clearing his throat we are back to 95.  Jude is still getting is pain/fever reliever every 3-6 hours so he is still temp free which is good.

It's been hard telling people how Jude really is. Sometimes Mike and I are at a loss as to what to say. Mike leaves it as "Jude is really sick, but his color is better". My boss asked me today if there was improvement and I just replied "yup". It's hard to tell someone that while there is improvement there are also set backs. However, we focus on the positive. With Jude I always say he can go from great to bad within seconds and from horrible to fantastic just as fast. So with him..........well Jude has always been a wait and see type of case, but that's alright with us. Jude is worth every ounce of time we give him and more.

Jude did have another bad diaper, but they couldn't collect enough for the C diff test. However, Mike saw first hand what I was talking about and agrees there might be an issue. We are hoping it's just the antibiotic not actual C Diff. The good news is if there is an issue we are in the best place for them to treat it.

Again, I would like to thank everyone that has reached out to us. I would also like to ask forgiveness to those I have been over emotional with. I am tired and a bit stressed. I was doing wonderful until today. I think I just got over tired. That makes me weepy and dramatic so cue the curtain and the camera lights.  

Anyway, we are hoping for a fabulous night! A friend of Mikes sent Jude this GIANT stuffed shark tonight and it's so cute. It's literally Jude's length and makes the perfect body pillow for him. Maybe it's a sign of how tough Jude is in fighting these illnesses. Jude has overcome Cdiff before, pneumonia 6 times (or 7 I lose track), and is now overcoming a pleural effusion. He is a great little fighter.

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