Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a new wheelchair!

In 2008 when I walked in for my gender sonogram to find out what my precious baby was going to be I never thought I would be picking out wheelchair colors for him years later. However, with that being said.........for the first time we really had fun with it. Yesterday we sat down with a medical supply company and ordered a new wheelchair, a life, a new bath chair, and a stander. Jude has officially grown out of everything .... even his AFO'S! So we picked a great wheelchair that will be sparkly silver, with blue padding, and his name on the back. He will be traveling in Cowboys colors. He will also be a lot more comfortable.

He is so uncomfortable in his current stander so they picked one that will be better suited to his needs. I tuned out a bit on the lift because I have no idea how to use one. I will have to be instructed on it and then I will be better able to emotionally and physically handle the lift. We had our nurse, the physical therapist, and the medical company at our house yesterday ordering the supplies. They all worked together to find the best product for Jude.

Emily is diligently work on Miss Texas Teen. She is walking around the house in her high heels, studying the videos from prior shows, and working on her interview. Interview is going to be the most difficult for her. She is extremley intelligent, but it's molding a 14 year old mind into an 18 year old when answering questions. People (men) tend to think beauty pageants are just about your look, but they are also about your education, poise, attitude, and charity work. She is also still working on getting sponsors to help her with this pageant. She has her entry fee, gown, shoes, lessons.........which all start now. So far people have been responsive and hopefully she will receive some contributions. She has worked so hard for others and it's so nice to see her get to work on something that's truly for herself. However, if in the future Emily was able to obtain this title it would be amazing having their company back her charity. Emily's Smile Boxes is doing well. We have shipped a lot of boxes off lately and we have several groups currently making boxes in different areas of the country. Emily has also dropped off to Cook's in Southlake several times and various other places. I plan on holding another box making party, but it will have to be after Regal Princess. I am just to overwhelmed right now with everything. I am hoping we can make some Halloween boxes for the hospitals. However, Emily is asking to incorporate another birthday that includes donations for her boxes and box making to benefit hospitals. So I will see which party will be best suited for the time and donations we have.

Here is a recent drop off at Medical City Dallas.

Hope everyone has a great week.

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joyce said...

Its great that Jude has a loving mother like you. He is lucky to feel the love that you give him.