Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Going to sleep and middle school drama

Last night I was talking to Jude as I was putting him to bed. This is how he communicates back to me

He had a good night. I have found that he likes long sleeved pajamas with cold air conditioning and he sleeps better.

Also, I was very proud of something Em said last night. We are working with her on interview questions for her pageant I mentioned. I asked her "Do you truly believe everyone is a winner?". She stopped and replied "YES! I believe that if you go out there an do your best then that's what matters and I also believe that learning to lose gracefully makes anyone a winner". That's my kid!!! We also had a discussion last night about middle school drama. She said "Mom..........a friend of a friend said she doesn't like me because I think I am to perfect". I explained that someday little things like this really won't matter. I then was very blunt. I said "Emily that girl is judging you based on what she sees versus what she knows and you don't want to be friends with someone that superficial. Plus, coming from a mom...........I would prefer someone say you are perfect then the school drug addict or school well .... you know". It looked like a light bulb went off and she replied, "You are RIGHT mom!!". We then had a discussion about how you can tell the difference between good honest people and those that aren't so great. I am glad she met her friend Kaylee because she is a life time friend!  

Ps. The pageant Emily is competing in is Miss Texas Teen USA! The BIG Leagues. I know some people might not want me to announce it yet, but she is so excited. I am really happy for her. She is working hard already. It's not until November and we will update the blog when she goes to compete. We are working on some company sponsorships for her and it's going pretty well so far. It looks like a lot of preparation ahead, but we are prepared.

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Anonymous said...

Jude is so cute, what a precious smile. You can tell he is a happy little boy. I am so excited for Emily! What a huge accomplishment. You must be so proud of them.