Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dogs gone wild and a note

I did not end up going home from work yesterday...I stuck it out. When I got home last night Jude was very vocal and wanted to be held. It was one of those nights he didn't want to be put down, but that's okay. We were also dealing with psycho dogs again and Mike was NOT happy. They still kept escaping from everywhere he would put them so he got down to business last night. He really got on to the dogs and so then daddy Jack bit his son Spot in the face because I guess he thought Spot got them in trouble.....sigh. So then Mike cleaned Spot up. I married into these dogs and per my blog after Lady died... I do care for them. However, they are a huge handful. I have learned that Jack Russells are smart, funny, and great INDIVIDUAL dogs. However, they are not good when you have more than one. They are so smart that I refer to them as "Velicoraptors". I am a Jurassic Park nut and there is a line in the first movie where Robert Muldoon is talking about how intelligent the Velicoraptors are. He says they are problem solvers and test the fence systematically! AMEN. They test fences, front doors, back doors, garage doors.........they are smart.  So we looked at some video's last night and these I think were the best two in regards to sharing what our dogs are like.

and you have to go see this one:  
So I told Mike last night that my anxiety was really peaked for some reason. He admitted his had been too and we blamed the! I think if we had just Jack or just Spot they would be happy. We could keep the indoors with a doggy door............but then again that could just be me being naive. Here is another snippet froma book "The Jack Russell is first and foremost a hunting dog, so is bred to bark, follow a scent, roam around, and dig. Be careful that you don't lose sight of them, as they have been known to go on hunting binges, and can stay "lost," underground, in pursuit of their prey, for days on end. They will need a fenced-in yard to romp around in, because it is nearly impossible for them to get enough exercise on a leash. You will need to be committed to ensuring that the fence is secure, because Jack Russells are escape artists. They can also climb fences". Very true.........and taking them for a get a whole lot of

So this morning when I got up there was a little note attached to my door. It said something like "Good Morning Sunshine. Things aren't that bad. Be grateful for what you have. Things could always be worse. Have a good day". I wasn't sure what to make of this. I think it was someones way of trying to be sweet, but it didn't really come across sweet to me. It also may be intended for Emily...who knows. However, I will say this............I rant and rave sometimes on my blog because it's my outlet for expression and it makes me feel better. Yesterday I was tired from nights and nights of lack of sleep due to Jude. I was fed up with the dogs and just needed to let it all's healthy. However, when I got home last night I cooked up spaghetti for Emily and her friend. I then set up a table where they glittered my stage props for Regal Princess to their hearts content. I then had two glasses of wine and enjoyed two episodes of "Game of Thrones" (fabulous) with my husband while I held Jude. It was a good night. When I get home everyday I unwind and spend time with my family. It's what people don't see on the other side of a ranting blog. In fact my cousin asked me last weekend (she is going through a rough patch) "tell me how you just keep putting one foot in front of the other". You just do! So thanks for the note if it was intended for me, but I am most definitely very grateful for what I have. So I need to rant..........sometimes. Is it hard having a disabled child...........yes, but we have him and I always say that's all that matters.

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