Thursday, July 5, 2012

The 4th and more

Tuesday July 3rd they start fireworks shows near our house. So we brought the dogs (Aka..Houdini's) into the house because they hate loud noises. We have tracked their escape tactics start during thunderstorms, fireworks, or loud noises. So they were inside and then we started to sedate Jude because the loud fireworks can cause startle seizures.

July 4th we went to my dads house and they had a mattress set up for Jude to lay on. It made our lives SO much easier! So we hung out over there for awhile eating a great meal and visiting with family. Jude really enjoyed having his family around.

We are still having issues with our dog Bigsby giving Jude startle seizures due to his barking when someone knocks on the door. I had purchased the Sonic Egg and it worked for about two weeks. Now Bigs just runs upstairs and barks through the egg. It's so strange because he knows what he is doing is not allowed. I know dogs bark, but it's a nervous bark with Bigs. I am wondering if I can get the Dog

It's getting closer to my pageant that I run and that means I start to have nightmares due to stress. It's actually very comical. I am OVERLY organized so I have ridiculous dreams like not having enough score sheets, forgetting contestant numbers, not having a tabulator, etc. It will all be perfect, but I still have these dreams.

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