Thursday, November 11, 2010

pulling my hair out.......

It's been a crazy last two days, and I hate to say it but my anxiety level is very high. I think it's a accumulation of everything going on in my life. Emily's play is taking up a lot of time, Jude is not sleeping.......again, and money issues have me very very stressed out. I hate feeling like that, and I am sure everyone else does. It's a lot of pressure having the family's financial needs on my shoulders, but I know it's hard on Mike not having a job too.

Jude was still up and down last night so Mike was going to talk to Charlotte about keeping Jude up during the day. It seems we go through phases where Jude sleeps, and when he is awake a lot. I have noticed other mothers who have children afflicted with neurological problems have the same problem. I am assuming it's a direct relation to the affect on the brain.

So good news, the doctor said not to worry about the medication mishap, and to even keep Jude on the increased dose. I also heard back that my blood results were "perfect". Hooray for good news.


PrincessJenn said...

Have you ever tried melatonin with him?
V has sleep issues because of her neuro problems, and melatonin has been our miracle pill. Our pediatrician was actually the one that recommended we put her on it and what a difference it made.
I know a lot of other parents who's special needs kids have had great success with melatonin as well.

Cjengo said...

Yes, he takes 1.5 pills at night.