Monday, November 15, 2010

a little update

So last night about 4am Jude woke up just cracking up. I thought at first I was seeing his "giggle" seizures again, but it did not look like a seizure. In fact, I kissed him on his cheek, and he turned to look at me, and laughed harder. I think he was having a good dream, and just woke up in hysterics.

Overall Jude had a pretty good weekend. He didn't sleep much last night, so the Melatonin is fired again. We have even increased the dose to 1.5 tablets, but it's hit or miss on if he sleeps.

Last night about 9pm Jude started getting a bit fussy, and I was just exhausted. I grabbed Jude, and we gave him all his medications a bit early. I then took him to bed with me, and we snuggled up like we used to. It wasn't long before both of us were sound asleep. Like I said above, Jude didn't stay that way, but it was nice to snuggle with him again.

So I am pretty ready for the holidays. I am broke, but still ready to spend some time with my family.

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