Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The man, the circus, and the blood

I am being whiney again so bear with me in the next paragraph, and then I will move on.

Let's talk about the man. I feel like the man controls my everyday life. I work for the man that demands a lot of my time, but I enjoy my job so it all works out. I enjoy the fact that I can comfort those who expect to see a "man" in my position, and I am able to rectify their situation to their highest expectations without a mans help. I love the fact they say they will always call and consult with me for any future issues regarding any situation my expertise can satisfy.
Yesterday I had one little man crying in his bed, while one big man was extremely sick in the bathroom. Said boss man expected me to be at work, because our other employee was out. I understand it's not my agency, but I cannot afford to lose my job. So to make said boss man happy, said husband man would be unhappy, and little man would be left wanting more. I could not call in sick, and I had to go off to work, there was no choice yesterday. I felt guilty all the way around. I would feel guilty letting my boss man down if I called in, but I still felt guilty leaving my sick man, and my little man. So I went to work, and literally worked my tail OFF yesterday. I was exhausted. Once I got home the sick man handed me little man, and I checked into another shift. The man has me down I tell you!

So the doctor called back yesterday, and I guess one of Jude's labs had not come in on Friday when they initially called me. Therefore, they have retracted there statement that there was nothing wrong, and are now saying that Jude is indeed borderline anemic. His panel has now dropped from 9 to an 8, so it was even lower than the initial test that sent us into the frenzy. Since his liver functions are showing perfect, they are assuming he just needs a supplement. Therefore I have to stop, and pick up an over the counter medication for him. I am sure this is just an issue with needing an supplement, although it did make me wonder. I had such terrible blood problems when I was pregnant with Jude, that I still wonder if any of it attributed to his stroke. One issue I had was anemia. We have not finished the 2nd, and 3rd panel of Jude's "stroke" work up to see if there was an underlying cause. He had gotten sick, and wound up in the hospital before we finished. The first round of blood work came back perfect, so we need to finish the second rounds. I believe we will do this the next time they test his felbatol levels.

Once I got home yesterday Jude was all smiles, and giggles for me until about 10:30. Poor guy started teething again, and he was NOT happy. He also had about a thirty minute or more seizure yesterday. We just increased his Felbatol level so this could be an adjustment to the medication. We have seen the small seizures drop, and they turned into one long seizure during the day. It's strange how medication can affect your body. Jude has also rubbed his little chin raw again on his blanket. He wants to be on his tummy all the time, and will literally scream until we put him down. I am coating his chin with a medication to help. We are trying to keep him on his back, but he just wants no part of it.

Tonight Emily has the Barnum hero award at the circus, and she is so excited. She is going to get to bring her cousin since Jude will be sitting on our lap. I am unsure how Jude will do with the loud noises, but if it becomes to much I will excuse myself. Emily actually gets to participate in a part of the circus, so I know she will have a great time. We also have her Emily's Smile Boxes making party on Sunday, and we are really excited about that.


sarah said...

yeah...that does suck. Husband man at MY house was off work last week with pneumonia, of course we didn't *know* it until I personally drove said man to Urgent Care after 5 days of being sick. The other day he *thought* he was funny when he told me " you're so mean to me. I'm going to call your mother and tell her how you are ignoring me when I am sick". I dared him to. I woke up every 4 hours to medicate him for 3 days straight.

Claire said...

Maybe a bandaid on his chin might help? like a buffer?