Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Consult date set

Jude's surgery consultation is set for Tuesday the 24th. I have lots of questions for the doctor regarding where the surgery will be held, etc. I have listened to everyones advice, and I have a list of questions going. I am hoping they can do the surgery on Labor day the 7th. I will have off work, and will then just need to take the 8th off. I am unsure if they will do that, but we will see.

Last night I got Mike distracted (finally) from the situation at hand, and had him concentrating on our vacation in February. He finally started looking at the places I had researched, and he seemed genuinely excited about it. He even called his brother and researched the airline passes with him. We have some from a friend, but we still have to pay taxes, etc. If we use his brothers passes, it's a little cheaper. I am not sure which route we will go. So we finally picked a spot, and we set the dates. We really need this. I cannot express how much we need this.

Now I am making some phone calls to try to make sure we will have our nurse full time to help us after the surgery. I was told yesterday we had to wait until the surgery was performed, and then apply, but I am not accepting that. I want to make sure she is there for the recovery, and to help us manage Jude's pain (if any). I also want someone there that is experienced with watching G buttons for infection, and leaking. I know this is suppose to be a simple procedure, and I am going to keep the faith it will be. Although, we all know Jude normally doesn't do anything "simple". So I am going to ruffle my feathers up, and see what I can do about the nurse.


Debbie said...

good job being pro-active!

I am so many bloggers of sn have nurses to help...wish I had that benefit! Must help alot with stress.

Anyways, the only issue we had was the granulation tissue forming several times after the procedure (months even) it had to get burned 3 times I other issues for us. Pretty smooth!

Best of luck and continue focusing on your get-away!

Reagan Leigh said...

We just so happened to already be in patient for Reagan's surgery because she had been having so many issues with nausea and vomiting. But Reagan was in A LOT of pain afterward. For at least 24hrs, it was tough. The morphine wasn't doing anything for her. We were giving her tylenol with codeine and it didn't seem to help either. Of course Reagan is notorious of being resistant to most medications, so I can't say that I'm surprised. She can't tell she's in pain but she was crying her breath away nonstop (and not sleeping). The nurses were really concerned because her O2 sats were dropping below 40...but I had seen her cry her breath away before so I wasn't that worried. We just kept giving her O2 to bring it back up. The only thing that seemed to help her was toradol (via iv). But somewhere 24-48hrs later, she was fine. No more issues and we have had very few issues since (that is other than the vomiting). Reagan has extremely sensitive skin so I was living in fear of granulation tissue but she really hasn't had any problems with that either. Hang in there...I'm positive you are making the right decision.