Thursday, August 12, 2010

The loft, and the beard

Yesterday when I got home Jude was SO happy to see me. He was ready for me to pick him up, and he just grinned from ear to ear. Mike told me that Jude had been very rude to him that day because he kept crying every time he picked him up. I just kind of ignored what Mike was saying because sometimes he is a man and complains for no reason. Although, later that night he picked Jude up, and started kissing him, and Jude's little lip poked out, and he let out the most pitiful heart wrenching wail. It was the type of cry that breaks your heart because the baby seems to have had their feelings hurt. So I took Jude back, and consoled him, and he immediately was better. Mike just looked at me a bit shocked, and a a bit concerned. I said "Well you were probably mean to him, and he has had enough" I was joking with him. Anyway, I finally looked at Mike, and said "It's your beard!". It was an ah ha moment, so Mike is shaving today.

Jude's seizures have greatly decreased since increasing the Felbatol. This is a God Send, and we hope it lasts. The nurse has been watching Jude closely, and monitoring his skin for bruises, etc.

So I learned to hold my tongue yesterday when I had an ill educated man in my office. The customer was telling my co worker how his wife is a therapist that travels from school to school working with children that are disabled. He explained how that was her "great tax dollars at work", and how she even has to assist those that are so disabled they will never progress any further. So therefore, their parents are getting "free baby sitting". Luckily my friend Jenn is pretty great, and told him they could sit and argue that issue, all day long. I think this surprised him because he did some serious back peddling. People that are not in a situation of having a disabled child no little about what your home life is like, and how you are desperate for some interaction for your child. Also the fact that they can progress, and to never give up faith.

We set up, well I set up, and Emily's Smile Box station at the house. My house has been flooded by cardboard boxes overflowing with beanie babies, and more. That is wonderful, but I needed it to be a bit neater. So I finally had the ability to go out, and purchase some shelving. I worked on getting everything organized, and I think it is beginning to look pretty nice. I still have work to do, but so far so good. Speaking of Emily's Smile Boxes, we are in need of small toys, coloring books, small puzzles, and stickers. If you are interested in donating please let us know. I did just get some information regarding applying for a grant from a a bank. I am not an attorney so looking over their requirements for the grant proposal is a little like looking at algebraic equations, but I will figure it out

I am going back home to work on the loft, and I hope it looks great finished. Also, on a side note I feel like a big girl today because I set up an IRA. I have mentioned that i have no retirement here at my office, and I have been very worried about that. So I saved a bit (which is hard with us), and strapped on my big girl suspenders. We will see how this pans out.


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